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Likes for Facebook is a revolution that is transforming the method business owners interact with their customers and pick up new customers.

So what are likes for Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world with over 150 million registered users! What that means to you is that Facebook has the potential to be one of your most effective advertising weapons on the internet.

Likes for facebook are the mechanism by which people indicate whether they like something. And as much as it might possibly seem unimportant to you right now, you need to understand how this little likes for Facebook button is changing the way we interact, the way businesses communicates with their customers and the method new customers can be brought into the fold.

It genuinely is remarkable.

 Just how do you benefit from the likes for facebook button

One of the most used features of facebook is the likes for facebook "thumbs up" button. But what does that button mean? And how can you use it for your business?

Statics show that a whopping 40 % of Facebook fans (people that have clicked the likes for Facebook button) go out and recommend a particular product (whats awesome). Imagine 40 % of your customers really bragging about you or your business or product ?!! The Likes for Facebook button allows a business customer (or anyone truly) to show their support of a fan page, product or concept which reaches all their friends as well.

Advantages of Likes for Facebook for a business user

1. Email marketing

Likes for facebook will help you create a huge base of Facebook fans. People who click the Likes for Facebook button on your page will join your fan base, and once you have a message to pass on to them, you can do so by delivering an advertising-style email. There is a messaging feature in the administrative console of your fans page which will help you send emails.

2. Inspiration

Likes for facebook acts as an inspiration or stimulation for Facebook fans into knowing more about your business, products or services. By pressing a Likes for Facebook button, a Facebook user shows an interest in the business. This is the best method to start a personal relationships.

3. Adding more traffic to your website

Likes for Facebook buttons incorporated into your web site or websites will additionally drive Facebook fans to these websites and increase your natural web traffic. A news feed within Facebook will help share information contained on your website to friends of your fans - expanding your reach even further. For instance, if you want to deliver out a message to your list of 10,000 fans (who all clicked on your likes for facebook button), your message is likely to reach a million users in one day (provided each of the fans has 100 friends on average). That's very powerful!

4. Easy Installation

It's actually quite simple to install the Likes for Facebook button - even for Facebook users without technical expertise. Facebook provides a code so you can embed the likes for Facebook button right on your webpage or internet site. As a small businesses, you won't need to spend a fortune on installation to make the Likes for Facebook button work.

5. Engaging clients

Likes for Facebook buttons help business owners keep their fans, customers and friends of customers updated with updates and new products. Think of it as method to send individuals a newsletter, but it won't cost you anything! Nice!:)

Most Facebook users are interested in learning about new content and will always make a comment after discovering the content. Fans who press the likes for Facebook button will deliver more and more individuals to likewise view your article or fan page and also click the likes for Facebook button or leave comments or reviews, the more activity and hype you generate, the more individuals you bring in. Feedback coming back from the business owner will excite them into seeking more information, and increase their desire to try out the new product.

6. Likes for Facebook Analytics

You can monitor the number of times your likes for Facebook button has been clicked by your facebook community each day by visiting There's an analytics component on every Facebook page known as insight, and this will provide information on the demographics of your fans, as well as their daily activities. The likes for Facebook button is so well integrated that you really do not have to do much more than just install it!

7. Multilingual Likes for Facebook buttons

The likes for Facebook button users can also be displayed in a number of international and local languages. Installation of this international likes for facebook component gets a bit technical and depends on the Likes for Facebook button version being installed. However basically those utilizing the Iframe version will have to replace the src URL with a locale parameter and country code. Those using the XFBML will have to include a language code when initiating the library. In order to add a number of languages to one of the likes for Facebook buttons you will need to permit for a slight resize of the width of the likes for Facebook button box.

If you run Facebook ads and utilize the likes for Facebook button in your Facebook advertising, incorporate the likes for Facebook button as a symbol that facebook users recognize. You 'll see a huge improvement in your Facebook ad click through rates.

 Likewise a highly liked Facebook page or product will appear on top of the Facebook search results and this is naturally a wonderful advantage to anyone.

The largest disadvantage about the Likes for Facebook buttons is that some of your friends will not like it if you let your page become commercial and more exposed to millions of individuals. Your exposure will mean that they too will be exposed, however this depends on what you are setting out to achieve and whether you want to connect your personal Facebook page to your business page.

If you would like more information about Likes for Facebook, or might like us to help you build a fanbase for your business simply leave your details and we 'll send you our pricing.